Innovate for Future Threats for United States Marine Corps

Over the past century, technological innovations have occurred rapidly and at an unprecedented rate. Futurist Ray Kurzweil now proposes that Moore’s principles of exponential doubling are applicable to technological advance since it is bound to continue experiencing progress in the future (Kurzweil, 2019, p. 45). The United States faces numerous challenges of varying degrees which is primarily why the Marine Corp’s has devoted its focus on possible future vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, this crucial branch of the United States Armed Forces faces emerging problems in an effort to innovate for future threats. The USMC possesses one of the advanced weapon’s systems in the world which it credits to technological innovation.

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While this has proven effective in preparing for future conflict, the prevalence of low-cost technology threatens the USMC aptitude in applying its innovations effectively in future.  Irregular war concerns by security experts have identified the presence of sophisticated low-cost technology currently used in rockets and drones as an impediment to major technological innovations made by the military. The distribution of this technology, particularly by Russia, China and Iran to proxy groups boosts the capabilities of rogue armed groups. Technology that bolsters future capabilities might possibly lead to the development of multi-role ballistic missiles, trajectory correcting missile systems and cheaper high-grade munitions with devastating implications (Scharre, 2019).

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 The USMC now plans to use artificial intelligence (A.I) within its capacity as a branch of the military and in preventing future threats facing the United States. It plans to employ AI in the programmed processing of data for unmanned systems used in command and control centers and on the field. Additionally, AI is also capable of streamlining processes by supporting human operations in the decision-making process. Pursuing AI is, therefore, meant to enable the USMC to use innovation to respond to domestic threats and in future battlefields.

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