Is Algebra Necessary? – Sample Essay

It is my opinion that algebra is necessary in the education for various reasoning. The teaching of algebra should remain mandatory in the enrollment of various discipline, but it should be tailor made to encourage students even the weakest ones. The first reason is that algebra help students to put more efforts in their studies since they have meet the cut off in order to proceed to the next level. The second reason is that algebra enhance students ability to critical solve complex problems. Many scholars especially social scientist have argued that no empirical evidence have supported this sentiments(Hacker, 2012), but the truth of the matter is that students who excel in algebra get employment in fields that requires complex technical thinking such as engineering, which means they ready to handle technical and complex issues related to engineering. The third reason is that algebra support the current civilization.

For instance, the dynamism of existing circumstance such as population increase, climate change, terrorism, limited resources, and technology and pandemic diseases requires graduates with background algebraic skills to assist in finding solutions(Lahey, 2012). This is a situation that make these factors to intertwine and become a complex process to solve from a single perspective. It requires the approach to be broaden and consideration of various factors.

Despite the fact that many have argued that they have never applied algebra anywhere in their live, algebra is there to drive civilization. Therefore, algebra is necessary in our lives and help us to solve complex issues that cannot be solved by other quantitative skills.

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