Leadership Competencies In 2020 – Sample Paper

The year 2020 will require different leadership competencies to tackle the foreseen challenges. Some of the leadership competencies are collaborative orientation: this is a character that enables a leader to consult everyone and acquire different ideas; this manifests during the process of making critical decisions in the company. Second is the developer of people, this enables a leader to mentor and guide his subordinates to develop leadership qualities and be leaders of themselves and of others. The third competency is the learning agility, which requires a leader to be a person with vast knowledge in different fields, and can be able to make wise decisions in several fields(Garman, 2006).The fourth competency is the digital proficiency. This requires leaders to be able to manage and to have vast knowledge about any development in the computer technology in the society today; the leaders must have absolute knowledge of any software and applications in the technological world and learn their implications in organizations and use of such. The fifth quality is the global mindset that requires the leaders to have knowledge of what is happening in the outside world and how to share ideas with the outside world. The sixth competency is conscious leadership, which enables a leader to be mindful of any issue affecting the organizations and being able to tackle them appropriately.

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The seventh quality is the future focus that enables leaders to develop short-term and long-term plans for the future and to manage any factors that may affect the organizations. Eighth is the adaptability, this is a trait that enables a person to adjust to new environments easily and to accommodate people from different backgrounds(Barker, 2006). The ninth competency is the innovative champion and this calls for the leaders to be able to think, research and come up with new and better ideas. Lastly, a trait require of a leader in 2020 is that he should be a 360 communicator who possess perfect communications skills and can deliver and convey messages to other perfectly.

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Some of the leadership trends that require changes by 2020 are such as the virtual reality; this requires every leader to appreciate technology and its effects and incorporate it in the daily running of the organization. Second is the peer power, this is where a leader surrounds himself with a group friends and confidants who help him in the running of the organization. In the coming years, the society needs leaders who can lead in the just and most appropriate ways regardless of whether they cater to the interests of their friends or not. The third trend that must change by 2020 is giving second chances; this is required because the social, cultural and economic environments will be so dynamic hence helps to avoid any mistake and errors in the organizations (Mosavi, 2010). Lastly, implementing democracy in organizations must be the vision of every leader since there is need for every individual to participate in the running of the organizations. The leadership changes that are most important are giving second chances and the virtual reality.

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Some of the external trends that will influence leadership changes include globalization, which improves interaction between individuals from different backgrounds, diversity that improves on the degree of research that individuals do and helps in acquisition of knowledge and interaction (Trathen, 2007). The third trend is the flexibility that requires individuals to acquire knowledge in different fields and to be able to accomplish different tasks. Lastly, networking is a trend that enables individuals to improve on interaction and communication with the outside world.

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The employees of 2020 will need to acquire skills in several fields and to be diversely knowledgeable; they will be required to offer holistic services to the organizations. Experience and expertise will also be a vital requirement for the employees since the much experience a person has in a certain field, the better the performance.

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