Leadership Profile To Help In Recruiting And Developing Organization’s Future Leaders

Leadership is usually a vague, big and also amorphous topic. We can write about great leaders at very great lengths. In all these, we have to be practical. How can one become a great leader? To start with, we can put our focus on the leadership styles. There six suggested leadership styles that can be used as a motivation to others. One doesn’t need to use one of the styles and ignore the other one. They can be used to fit or meet the needs at that particular moment. The following are some of the leadership styles that can be incorporated by the leaders in the organization by so as to ensure that all the processes run smoothly.

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A leader should be visionary. This is basically very appropriate once an organization needs a new direction in their business. A visionary leader will help articulate where a working group is heading but basically not how it is going to reach there (Sosik, & Godshalk, 2000).  The leader will set the people free to bring forth innovations and also take any calculated risks where necessary.

Coaching style is also important. It is basically a one-on- one leadership style which focuses on the development of the individuals and showing them how they can improve in their performance and also helping them connect their personal goals to the goals set by the organization.

A good leader should be affiliative. This depicts team work and also creates the attribute of harmony in any group by connecting them to one another. It is important to help in improving the morale, create harmony and also in repairing the broken trust that might exist in the organization(Sosik, & Godshalk, 2000).

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Being democratic is also beneficial in an organization. It helps to draw people on the skills and knowledge. It helps create a group commitment so as to aid in the resulting of the organization’s goals. This is mainly beneficial in situations where the company’s direction is unclear. The leader will thus be able to help make decisions wisely.

A leader should thus be a good pace setter. He or she should set high standards of performance and should be obsessive about doing things faster and better.

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Lastly, a leader should be commanding. This is one of the most frequently used but unfortunately least effective. This is because it is mostly criticized. If not used appropriately, it can lower the morale of the employees(Sosik, & Godshalk, 2000).It is mostly beneficial when an urgent turn around in needed.

These leadership styles are very beneficial in an organization as they help steer business in the right direction. For them to be beneficial, a good leader must be able to understand his or her motives to lead.

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In addition to these leadership styles, a leader should have some leadership behaviors. These are an added advantage. Leaders should learn to tell the truth at all times. Leaders with this virtue will be able to nurture the employees. A leader also need to be fair and open in any judgments made(Howell, & Costley, 2001). The leader should have a very clear and transparent process for leading and managing. He or she should create a workplace environment that that values real people relationships. In many organizations, workgroup relationships are very beneficial as they help derive loyalty and engagement. Finally, a good leader should model the behaviors that they seek(Howell, & Costley, 2001). In this case, a leader should accept their responsibility and at all times act with responsibility, engagement and commitment. These attributes are very beneficial in the organization. When the employees see the leader portraying the above stated attributes, they are bound to follow suit as they will not have an excuse of doing otherwise.

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There are standard methods stipulated that can help an organization develop good leaders.  When looking for a leader, do not look at it in terms of looking for a next big innovation, focus on the people on the ground. Focus on the employee capabilities and their aspirations, i. e. do they have the motivation to achieve more. When hiring a leader, consider their potential. Looking at whether someone has succeeded may not be beneficial. Consider whether they can grow with time(Gregersen, Morrison & Black, 1998). Always challenge the high-potential individuals. People who have high potential often want to be associated with organizations that are committed to success. When an organization gets to recognize the high-talent individuals, there is need to bring them forth together for the purpose of an action-learning process.

This is beneficial in that it enables the organization choose wisely and also enables the chosen leaders to create trust, think in new ways and also create collaboration among the teams.

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The team leadership model in this organization is beneficial in that it enables the organization to state well their tasks so as to bring forth team effectiveness in the long run. For example, there is the internal tem leadership functions which states the tasks such as clarifying the goals, training, etc. and also relational goals such as coaching, managing conflicts and so forth(Zaccaro, Rittman, & Marks, 2002). The external team leadership functions include networking with other organizations and also with their clients, sharing information, assessing their products in the market and much more. This influences an organization in that they have the quality of their products well monitored before they are released to the market. The tasks are also well stipulated thus avoiding leadership conflicts.

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