Maslow’s Theory Application in Marketing

Maslow’s hierarchical theory recognizes five basic areas of needs that are experienced by most human beings. These needs from top-down review include self-actualization, self-esteem, belongingness and love, security and safety, and basic life needs or physiological needs. This theory assists marketers in making adverts that address the most basic needs of the consumers based on their level of needs as defined by Maslow. Based on the theory, a marketer is required to show the consumer how a particular product will address the current needs of the consumer based on Maslow hierarchy. For instance, a marketer should not sell a product that will address security and safety needs of a consumer, if consumer has not satisfied physiological needs. Thus, a marketer dealing with a consumer in this stage of needs must show the consumer how the product will address the physiological needs, to convince the consumer to purchase the product (Thompson, 2015).

Maslow will be used differently to market a cell phone in US as compared to Haiti. This is due to the difference in their levels of needs. Most individuals in Haiti are still in the first stage of need: physiological stage due to high level of poverty and poor economic status of the country. On the contrary, most Americans are past the first stage of Maslow hierarchical needs. In this regard, cell-phone marketer in Haiti will be presented as part of life basic need since it can assist in communication and money transfer, which are essential ways to cater for families basic needs, when one is not close to the family. On the other hand, cell-phone marketing in US would demonstrate how extra phone’s features can assist one to access global communication network, videos, and assist in getting other vital services such as traffic communication, bank account information among others. Therefore, in this case, the marketer will focus on other aspect such as security, self esteem and self-actualization. To know the best need to address during cell-phone marketing, the marketer need to gather information regarding the social status of the region, social needs, economic status, and other aspects that would influence their consumption.

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