Defender Direct Case Study Analysis

Since the launch of Defender Direct, Lindsey has continually experienced problems particularly in the evolution of his ties with the organization, changing himself in roles from door-to-door salesperson tomanager of sales to controller to regional head managerto the president as well as the CEO within ten years (Terri, 2007). Particularly, the major struggle has been in the continual reinvention of CEO’s ties to the business.

Synopsis of the situation

Terri (2007) notes that the success of the organization is heavily attributed to its culture, which Lindsey built around every worker’s personal growth. The organization in general chooses to be terrific as quoted by the CEO.As the CEO, he encouraged his workers to continuously learn and grow the same way he did by sending them to seminars, coming up with a saying, ‘Business don’t grow, people do.’ This reinvention has been made possible through good tapes and books as well as networking with reliable and good individuals.

Since its establishment, the CEO has reinvented the business model for the third time, reinvented himself as well as his role and most importantly, redefinition of the goal of business i.e. from money making to as far as growing people (Defender Direct Web site). The organization’s commitment to personal growth as well as continuous reinvention was the reason for the Company’s corporate culture as well as Self-Improvement Day, issuing an opportunity to reaffirm each year (Defender Direct Web site). The Defender Culture provides the employees with an opportunity to acquire leadership training, participation in the firm’s book club as well as travelling with their family members abroad to work voluntarily.

Further, the hired technicians who are new went to Defender University, whose curriculum was incorporated in the Corporate Culture Day to train them to be successful at work (Defender Direct Web site). Forgiveness amongst the employees forms the greatest part of the firm’s strength as noted by the Lindsey (Terri, 2007).It allows them to stay at the breakneck speed. These practices in general have made the organization to have belief upon which their strengths lie. These are the belief they have the best employees and that they make use of best products.

Key Issues

The organization’s success is attributed to the strengths in areas, which include training of new workers as well as the beliefs the company has in general. In addition, the organization has made use of opportunities during the Company’s corporate culture as well as Self-Improvement Day through training and seminar programs. Also important is that Defender has weaknesses as well.Finally, the organization faces threats from other companies, which offer same services to the people.

Define the Problem

One of the biggest problems faced by the company is managing the people as admitted by the CEO (Terri, 2007). He could not delegate duties because he thought he was the best. He never accepted mistakes so did he expect his workers. Secondly, the organization had a difficulty in getting the right CFO. CFOs are always good conservative people and will not want to work in a fewer million business since they will not want to work together with you in your risk.

Alternative Solution

As solution to the organization, the organization’s CEO should learn how to improve on people’s management by accepting people can make mistakes and that they get to learn from their mistakes.Since not all CFOs will have the mentality causing the problem to the company, the organization needs to try to find those with no such notions. Finally, the organization should try to expand its capital base to multimillion dollars.

Selected Solution to the Problem

            The best solution will be expanding the capital base since this will attract several CFOs with vast experience. Experience will in turn improve the organizations performance.


The organization can acquire new customers then “selling” the customers to ADT as well as Dish, which cash the company out upfront, selling the contract after agreed time.


Defender needs to contact entrepreneur organizations, which are already successful in employee management to check on how they did it (Inc. 500/5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, 2008). Moreover, Defender can employ interns from management institutions to facilitate successful management of the organization (Jim, 2001).


In summary, there need to change the management techniques in the organization due to its high expansion rate that requires diversified and experienced personnel. Therefore, the company needs to focus on its threats to further its success.

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