Personal Worldview and Its Effect on Intercultural Communication

Part 1- Christian Worldview

Worldviews are different because people are different. Therefore, two people may be looking at the same time but having different opinions about the same thing. Christians are all taught about God and the way they should carry themselves especially in their daily living where they should live as Christ lived. As such, their view of the world is not like that person who has not been taught Christian principles and who has consistently followed the principles in his or her life.

A Christian worldview is a way people view the world through the eyes of the Bible or through those who have brought them up in Christianity. It defines who a person sees the world in as a Christian. The people who are Christian have acquired their worldviews through being taught over time.  Their worldview is thus shaped by their environment and their teachers. As such, one is taught about God who is sovereign and who is the maker of the whole world. Therefore someone since something in a different way that another.  As a result, the knowledge one gains in his or her environment from the people around especially those that influence his or her thought processes contribute to the worldview of such a person. As such Christians my have different worldviews among themselves because they come from different denominations which brings slight differences. Some may have major differences in their worldviews like the Anglicans and Baptists. Their beliefs and doctrines determine to what extent they will differ in their worldviews. It is therefore important to note the position of religion in a person and therefore be more accurate when pointing out the world perspectives of a person. How somebody views, his or her world determines the attitude and the success and milestones that the person can make in the end.


Part 2

  1. The implicit presence tests have shown me to be a more sociable person and especially notes on my confidence. Trust is crucial in an individual’s life since it helps him or her to come up to terms with dangerous situations or positions that need the courage to become better.

  2. Ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrism involves the use of one’s cultural values in judging other cultures. The values of one culture in this case, are taken to be more pronounced by the individual or a certain section or groupings. An ethnocentric culture is of the view that it is more superior when compared to other cultures. The superiority may come in as a result of great development of that group or individual especially in succeeding for example when comparing races that are well off economically especially in their countries. Such countries may have developed economies that are better than most countries in the other continents take for examples the United States. The groups may have various resources that are accessible only from their countries. Therefore, the superiority may come in due to one group or individuals having a competitive advantage over their peers. Others may have superior cultures that put them in a better position when compared to others. In individuals, one can have better talents than others and hence succeed in most of his or her endeavours when compared with others. Such talents may involve sports and music among many others co-curricular activities. For examples, the white during the colonial times and slavery period considered themselves to be more superior while considering the other races as inferior especially the African race. Ethnocentrism is found almost through the whole continents, in most if not all societies, communities and in individuals themselves (Saxena, 2006). All of them separately considered themselves superior while the others are taken to be inferior by the respective groupings or individuals.  I am ethnocentric therefore I tend to think that I am more superior to the people    As such taking, such tests put a person in the forefront, especially where he or she can deliberate various tough issues in life.

  1. Stereotypes and prejudices

Stereotypes include qualities that are labelled towards a certain individual, group or races that are related to their behaviour, race or ethnic groups. Prejudice is different from stereotypes in that it is a notion that is preconceived by certain sections of the society in that is not based on the natural experience or judgement (Capucao, 2010). As such, prejudice involves the formation of opinions without having proof. The various prejudices may arise due to rumour, which may not be true and thus hurt the character of a person. Therefore,  prejudice is quite different from stereotypes in that the former one makes a judgement that is not yet proven while stereotyping is like labelling someone because of either the untoward behaviour of a certain person in that group or individuals. Stereotypes may have been propagated by races towards others and held on by the society for a long time. A tribe or group may be defined by how they use their time or take part in a certain habit.



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