Problems Faced By The Law Enforcement Officers In Protecting The US Borders

Border security in the US is faced by a lot of challenges due to persistent threats of terrorism. Security at the border involves securing the port, the airport and the land borders. The border security has to be re-evaluated so as to address the ever unending threats.

There are several Problems Faced By The Law Enforcement Officers In Protecting The Borders. These include;

Protecting the areas where most people and goods pass is very challenging. These border lines cover miles of land thus posing a threat of illegal smuggling of goods and also offer easy entry to terrorists. The port is also facing the problem of container security. Drugs and illegal aliens are smuggled through the port borders. Over 42 million containers that enter the US every year pose this threat.(Tancredo, T. G. 2006).

The law enforcement section has put in place several measures to ensure that their borders are protected. These include involvement of several agencies such as the US Border Patrol and the National Guard among others. 700 miles of the border has also been fenced and 20,700border patrol agencies deployed. Several technologies are also being used such as the unattended ground sensors, Fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft among others to beef up the security. All cargos entering the port have also been subjected to screening so as to know the content of products entering the country through the port. Security at the airport has also been beefed up in that the Automated Targeting System has been installed to collect all information about the travelers including identity information, passport data and credit card numbers. These measures have helped a great deal in reducing the persistent cases of terrorism and smuggling of drugs. (Ackleson, J. 2005)

There are several measures that would help reduce the major problems at the borders if put in place. These include;

Inclusion of the community in border security programs can be very beneficial. Those communities near the fence must be included not only through provision of vehicles but also through funding.

The border agencies should also take serious measures on the people found guilty of entering the country illegally or those found to have smuggled goods or drugs into the country. (Bush, G.W. 2002)

Training capacities should be expanded to ensure border agents safety and increase their efficiency.

Mexico should also strengthen its relationship with Mexico, especially on the matter of free trade. This will help reduce the cases of illegal migration and thus the border security will be strengthened. (Bush, G.W. 2002)

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