Resolving Workers Conflicts – Systematic Labor Violations

Union Organization Process

Unions assist employees negotiate the conditions and terms of their work with their employers. Before the existence of unions, workers frequently labored for long hours and low wages in unhealthy and unsafe workplaces. Workers could be fired at the employer’s whim without cause. In this regard, union is essential in ensuring workers’ rights in an organization. To form a union there are a number of steps that need to be followed.

To begin with, the workers should consult each other to identify job aspects that they do not agree with. This include the work health and safety issues, workers respect, any form of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, or religion, poor wages and terms of payment, leaves and offs, bonus and other benefits among other shared problems. They should then evaluate the number of workers that are willing to join a union to have their problems addressed by a union. After formation of a good quorum, they should develop a strong committee that will be responsible of fighting for the workers right in the organization. This should be followed by developing strong organization support by talking openly to workers, enlightening them on issues that need to be changed. The best technique to gain unions support is by making workers sign public petition to support the union, highlighting key goals and issues. This should be followed by union elections where union leaders will be selected and a formal union is formed. Finally, the union campaign should start to negotiate for good working terms or an agreement with the employer (Workplace Fairness, 2015).

Unions that to be Chosen

The union that the organization should choose to assist in the formation of their union is any other general union in the country on in the surrounding. This is because the union to be formed in this case intends to cater for all employees working in the organization. Being a manufacturing organization, the company has employed all forms of workers that include skilled and non-skilled workers, and individuals in different working level. In this regard, the union intends to represent everyone in the organization. Thus, it would only be guided by an organization of similar caliper in the region (Belman, 1992).

Workers Responsibility

Workers have responsibilities of inducting new members in the union and making them understand their rights. They also have a responsibility of reporting any incident that would require union intervention to enhance good working environment and execution of the workers right. They also have a responsibility of financing their union to assist to stand against the employer in any legal battle involving the organization workers in general or a single member.

Union Assistance to Labor

There are a number of things that a union can do to assist labor. It help in creating a collective bargain with the employer agreeing on how unionized employees should be treated, how their work environment should be, their payment terms, their terms for promotion and salary increment, employee dismissal process, and worker’s rights. It defines the minimum salary for all workers pushing it higher, and defines health and safe working environments for its members. It also increases workers safety in an organization by protecting them against unfair treatments at any level. This enhances employees working condition and life quality in their work place (Cengage, n.d.).


Workers Overseas Organization

The organization workers should consider passing their union campaign to overseas companies to gain of the entire company. This can be done by forming strong workers organizations in other overseas companies and selecting workers organization leaders who will act as union representative in the organization. The union will send representative into other companies to influence workers into joining the union by demonstrating the union benefits. Any issue surrounding the union and employee right will then be handled by the union irrespective of the workers region and the union agreement with the employer will be passed other companies. In this case, the union will have to gather information on the experience of other workers in other branches so as to present all cases experience by workers in the entire organization despite of the location (Belman, 1992).

Management Counter Action

Employer does not have any rights to stop a union from being formed and cannot use brutal techniques to prevent workers from joining a union. However, the employer has the tight to show their labor union disapproval to employees. The management can explain to employees why they do not like unions and how union formation may negatively impact the company. Management has the right to fair bargain and thus, they can contest union bargain but in a legal manner.

Global Nature Influence on Organization and it Bargaining Power

Basically, the global nature will influence the union formation and extensibility. The union will need to be vigilant to be able to influence workers in the overseas companies. In this regard, the union will need a good understanding of workers experience in all companies and life expenses of each country to ensure fair representation. Thus, the global nature will influence the bargaining process where the union will have to gain the trust and support of all workers to have a stronger bargaining power. In addition, union will be fully involved in fighting for a condition experienced by one company by ensuring full support of workers from other branches (Cengage, n.d.).

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