Strategic Management at Google

Google Inc. is a giant technology company incorporated in Delaware that provides a wide array of internet-related technology solutions including its famed internet search engine tools. Since its establishment by founders Larry page and Sergey Brin, the company has continued to grow to date by applying a range of management strategies. The original vision adopted by the founders was to organize the world’s information by offering data consumers universal accessibility and utility. Today, the company’s services entail not only search engine related services but also a wide range of technology related products such as cloud storage, mobile operating systems, hardware solutions, self-driving car technology, and advertising services, among others. Google has now outgrown its former strategies. It has become the world’s leading search engine and succeeded in covering other tricky world markets such as Russia and China. The enterprise has also acquired smaller companies like Keyhole and Motorola Mobility Center with an aim of diversifying its products. Google’s business model and strategy continues to influence the company’s growth, allowing it to record unmatched profits and progress.

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            Google performs its operations in accordance with the following mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Green, 2016). For the next two years, it prospects to develop its proprietary algorithms in order to maximize its effectiveness in the world of search engine technology and continues to focus on guaranteeing seamless access of information to its clientele. The organization maintains its vision through actions by demonstrating leadership and innovation in the fastest growing sectors of the multimedia, search engines, and smartphones. In fact, the business is molded to be a customer-centered enterprise in which all innovation processes begin and end with the customer. Short-term objectives are centered on the expansion of workforce for anticipated growth, augmentation of services in other international markets, as well as the development of new products. A bigger workforce will serve as a facilitator toward the achievement of long-term objectives entailing the delivery of new advertising technology while the expansion of services to other markets and new product innovations will drive the growth of the company. The organization can achieve these objectives by utilizing limited resources, empowering the workforce through support, and adopting upcoming trends in management and production.

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Google needs to track its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to achieve its visions and objectives (Wheelen, 2017). One of the biggest strength is that the company is an acknowledged leader in search engine technology, which implies that it has a domineering share of all internet searches worldwide. Currently, it has managed to acquire over 65% of all internet searches, thus outperforming other competitors heavily. Google also possesses an incredible ability to generate user traffic which enables it to maintain one of the biggest brands on the globe. The company presently averages 1.2 billion unique traffic hits per month which is unparalleled when compared with the figures recorded by other internet corporations. Revenue from advertising and introduction of Android and Mobile technologies have also elevated the organization to its current level of success.

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Altogether, these strengths have maintained their value in the current industry and may continue to add value to the company if the industry changes because it pioneers many innovation technologies in its niche. Even so, various weaknesses inhibit Google’s growth. They include excessive reliance on secrecy, falling ad rates, overdependence on advertising, and lack of compatibility with next generation hardware. The organization can minimize them by revealing its algorithm for searches or its basic formula as far as internet searching is concerned; investing in other products and services to reduce dependency on advertising, and capitalizing on next generation technologies to ensure compatibility with upcoming devices. The organization can also exploit the opportunities outlined in the previous plans owing to their revived applicability. They consist of the growth of android operating system, google glasses and google play, cloud computing, and diversification into non-ad business approach.

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Lastly, google needs to contemplate on the upcoming threats so as to mitigate them and reduce the risk of sabotage. For example the advent of social media giants like Facebook has threatened firm’s dominance in the World Wide Web, meaning that it has to counter the threat of such competition by increasing features of its services and products. Similarly, the merging trend of mobile computing threatens to pass the enterprise by because newer companies are seizing the opportunity enhance their mobile computing presence.

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In conclusion, this strategy analysis is critical to Google’s success in the future. As opposed to basic planning, it has dissected the vision and objectives of the company and analyzed how the current operations fall in line with future plans. It has described where the business is heading by examining its function, improvisation, SWOT analysis, and overall strategy. These are crucial in the process of envisioning goals and defining strategies that the organization will embrace in order to achieve its objectives. An additional benefit of this strategic planning is that it will help the management to empower its workforce consistent with future goals as well as define the rudiments of its action plan to achieve the desired results.

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