Ways In Which Information Systems Are Transforming Business

Information systems are transforming businesses in many ways. What makes information systems most exciting and very essential in business include the incessant technological changes, the usage of the technology by the business firms, and the positive impacts on business which eventually lead to success. The successful firms that thrive in all markets are those that learn how to use the new technologies, which are enhanced by the application of effective management information systems. The three common ways are technology; management and organization of the business. With regard to technology, there are interrelated changes that have impacts on all business activities.

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The first one is the emergence of mobile digital platforms. With the increasing knowledge of information systems, IPhones, iPads, Web-surfing notebooks and BlackBerrys have been transformed from being gadgets and entertainment outlets to computing platforms (Laudon & Laudon, 2016).  They are based on arrays of emerging hardware and software technologies. It is also evident that more business computing services are changing from the use of personal computers and desktop machines to the use of mobile devices. The second one is the growth and expansion of online software, and finally the third one is the growth in cloud computing which allows more business software to be run over the internet.

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With regard to management, it is seen that managers are using these improved devices to organize work that need to be done, provide better communication channels to all the employees, and provide information for decision making. Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, Google Apps, Google Sites and IBM’s Lotus Connections are embraced by more than 100 million business specialists globally with the main of supporting project management, and other online communities. The existence of business intelligence applications also help in promoting business success. With regard to business organizations, web-based services like Web 2.0 applications enable employees and other stakeholders in a given firm to interact as online communities using wikis, blogs, instant messaging services and e-mail (Rainer, Prince, & Watson, 2015). Other internet services like Facebook and MySpace enable business owners to collaborate effectively with customers and vendors. It is also seen that supply chains and product development in many firms have become more global and collective thanks to management information systems. Firms can also get quick responses form their customers with regard to the products and services being sold in the markets, this in the end helps in defining new products and services.

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