Ways That Cultural Expressions Influence Our Daily Life

There are several ways cultural expressions influences our daily lives. These cultural expressions include music, art, religion, photography, films and recipes. Analysis have indicated that each cultural expression impacts differently on people lives. For example, some individual likes sport such as football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, cricket, rugby etc. As a result, he/she dedicate two to three hours daily to participate or watch that particular sport (Guetzkow, 2002). Similarly, some individuals prefer to listen to particular music while carrying out daily chores. Such individual must listen to that particular music in order to effectively discharge his/her duties and in case the music is played he/she might feel something is missing. This paper examines the ways cultural expression particularly art, music and religious tradition influence my daily life.

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            Art play important role in the society, learning institution as well as in the profit and non-profit organization. Public and private agencies employ creativity and innovation in order to ensure that art is strengthen and improved in the society. As a result, they put more finances to the institutions that promote art in the society. Through funding, art has become competitive in the society and communities because each individual uses art to express their talents and communicate to the audience. Due to these developments, art has impacted daily lives of people in the society in various way.

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            Music is form of communication where the singer expresses his/her feeling as well as interact with the audience through singing. Studies have shown that music play important role in the society which include brain development in the children. Most singers compose songs to entertain listeners and make money (Hallam, 2012). While others singers use music to tell the story and events that they have encountered in their lives. As a result, music influences the daily lives of many people in the society in various way. Some of the music have positive and negative influence on people’s life.

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            There are different type of religion in the society which include Christianity, Islamic, Buddhism among others. Analysis indicated that Christianity and Islamic are the two religion that widely practiced in the world (Pew Research, 2016). Each religion have doctrines and beliefs that govern how the followers conducts themselves in the society. These beliefs and doctrines influences daily lives of people in the society.

            These three cultural expression: art, music and religion have influenced my daily life in various ways. For instance, art, music and religion have improved my health in many ways. Art and music have made me to be creative and innovative in daily life. Every time I listen to music especially the blues, I make sure I get the message and the language of the musician. These experience have change the way I interact with people in the society and the community as well as the family members. In the process of trying to get the message of the musician, I have learn to be attentive and keen to the information. The culture of attentiveness and keenness have positive influence my daily life.

            In the other hand, religion has improved my health because the doctrines and beliefs of the Christianity requires their followers to avoiding taking substance that affect the health of an individual such as alcohol, smoking cigarettes as well as using tobacco products. By avoiding these substance and eating balance diet as required by the bible I am able to live a health life. Also, Christianity influences the way I interact with my family members and people in the society. Christianity has taught me to respect others people and treat them the way I expect them to treat me.

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            In addition, art, music and religion have influence on my psychological well-being. For example, by listening to music and going to theatres to watch life art performance or movies, I get stimulated and feels that the stress has been relieved. Also, when active participate in art or music performance I feel the sense of control and self-concept. These also has made the people in the society to recognize and appreciate my contribution to the performance. Art, music and religion have also influenced my creativity, cultural capital and skills in daily life. These can be seen by the way I try to solve problems I encounter on my daily life. For example, the bibles has taught me strategies of solving the problems I encounter in my life be it in the learning environment or in the family environment.

            These cultural expression have defined me as a creative, innovative and obedient person in the society. If someone see these list of cultural expression, he/she is likely to conclude that I like entertainment. The incorrect assumption that someone might make is that I my lenient and I can allow people to get away with their mistreatment. The accurate impression is that I am assertive and I don’t condone mistreatment and lack respect to others in the society. In conclusion cultural expression have positive and negative influence on the individuals’ daily lives based on how each individual perceives each cultural expression.

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