Interdisciplinary Vs Intradisciplinary Team Work In Nursing

Intradisciplinary Teams and Interdisciplinary Teams

There may be collaboration between interdisciplinary teams and intradisciplinary teams. An interdisciplinary team comprises of members in different healthcare professions. Therefore, an interdisciplinary team may comprise of nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and specialists. Members of the interdisciplinary team have knowledge on different healthcare fields. They use their combined knowledge to improve patient outcomes. The members of an interdisciplinary team have a common goal. For example, an interdisciplinary team may be formed to deal with a case on a mentally ill patient. On the other hand, an intradisciplinary team comprises of people in a single professions. Therefore, an intradisciplinary team may be made up of solely nurses, dentists, or surgeons. An intradisciplinary team helps in provide adequate care to the patient. The patient is the major focus of both interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary teams. The teams strive to improve patient outcomes (Kuziemsky & Varpio, 2010).

The major differences between interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary teams is the fact that in an intradisciplinary team all professionals belong to the same area of expertise and work towards the achievement of a common goal. On the other hand, an interdisciplinary team comprises of professionals from different areas of expertise who work towards the achievement of a common goal. In an intradisciplinary team, the professions can help each other and cover the mistakes of other members. This improves the quality of their performance. However, in an interdisciplinary team, the professionals work in a different manner. Effective communication is the major factor that helps in improving the quality of patient care. An intradisciplinary team encourages innovation in a certain field since it brings together professionals in the same field. On the other hand, interdisciplinary teams lead to the formation of innovative approaches as the experts are from different fields. Finally, an intradisciplinary team provides a linkage between healthcare workers in the same profession. On the other hand, an interdisciplinary team provides a linkage between professions in different fields (Kuziemsky & Varpio, 2010).

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