Chick-fil-A and Walmart Vision and Mission Statement Analysis

Vision and Mission Statement Analysis

The two selected organizations for Vision and Mission Statement analysis include Chick-fil-A for servant leadership and Walmart for standard leadership. Chick-fil-A is an American fast-food restaurant company that provides healthy food and chicken sandwich for its customers. Chick-fil-A Inc. is an Atlanta-founded company that is privately held and family-owned. It was established by Truett Cathy in 1967. The for-profit company has over 1800 restaurants in over 40 states (, 2021). Walmart, Inc. is an American international wholesale and retail business that provides an assortment of services and merchandise at everyday low prices. Walmart is among the biggest corporations in the world. It was established by Sam Walton in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. The company operates in three different business segments that include Sam’s Club, Walmart International, and Walmart U.S (, 2021).

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Mission and Vision Statements for Chick-fil-A and Walmart

Chick-fil-A’s mission is “to be the best American’s quick-service restaurant at keeping and wining customers”. The statement emphasizes the dominant position the firm wished to attain in the fast-food sector. It centers on refining its services and brand in a manner that outsmarts other players in the industry. The features of this mission statement include improving communities, health, and growing into American’s best in the industry. The company’s vision statement is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all it entrusted to the company and to have a positive impact on all that get in contact with the company” (, 2021). Walmart Inc.’s mission is “to save people money so they can live better”. This demonstrates the company’s intention of utilizing price as a way of attracting its targeted customer. The company’s vision statement is “to be the destination for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop.” The company uses pricing as its main competitive advantage in the competitive business environment (, 2021).

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Comparing and Contrasting the Vision and Mission Statements of the Two Companies

The two mission statements demonstrate different strategies by the same ultimate objective. Chick-fil-A missions show progressive self-improvement to be the best American quick-service company in attracting and maintaining customers. This can be done by improving the quality of products and services, and also improving on pricing (reducing pricing). It can also be done by giving back to the community in various ways (, 2021).  On the other hand, Walmart’s main focus is saving people’s money by selling their products at cheaper pricing. This means one can buy more with the same amount compared to when they shop elsewhere. Reducing prices, in this case, will increase individual purchasing power, giving people a chance to purchase more or save more to improve their lives (, 2021). The aim of the two companies based on their mission statement is to attract more customers and improve their life. Chick-fil-A improves customers’ lives by serving healthy food and offering quality services. Walmart improves customers’ lives by saving their money and enhancing their purchasing power. The two also create a chance for growth by winning more customers through their different strategies.

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The Chick-fil-A vision statement interlaces religious principles into the commitment that the company demonstrates towards its improvement and improving its customers. It demonstrates its commitment to changing the lives of those it encounters with. This includes all the company’s stakeholders. Walmart’s vision statement centers on money-saving despite the shopping strategy. The two have the goal of changing people’s lives. Walmart does so by saving their money, while Chick-fil-A does so by different means, especially by sharing what God has given to the people. The main difference between the two is that Walmart only focuses on customers in its vision, while Chick-fil-A focuses on all stakeholders, as it intends to have a positive impact on all it gets into contact with (, 2021).

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How Mission and Vision Statements of Each Organization Impact their Culture

Chick-fil-A centers on generating a culture of care both in its restaurants and support center. The company believes that a caring and strong culture is important for its success and in providing a fulfilling career to its workers. The company is devoted to a workplace culture where each individual is treated with respect, dignity, and honor (, 2021). The company’s mission statement focuses on winning and maintaining customers by offering the best services and quality, healthy food. This is an aspect of care. Rather than focusing on profit alone, the company cares about people’s health and experience. This makes it possible for the company to invest in making customers happy and satisfied with its products and services. The religious perspective in the company’s vision demonstrates the company’s readiness to nurture what God has given it. The company is also committed to positively impacting all it gets in contact with. This is a commitment to handle everyone with care to ensure positive influence to those it deals with. The company does this to its employees by closing on Sundays to give them good family time, time to rest, and worship.

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Walmart defines culture as the foundation of everything it does. It involves how the company offers superior customer service, generates a great forefront work environment, and enhances performance to attain its common purpose of saving customers money for better living (, 2021). This aligns with the company’s mission and visions which both revolve around saving customers money. Walmart embraces high-performance culture and it is influenced by how the company lives out its values. Each of the company’s values that including striving for excellence, service to customers, acting with integrity, and respect for the people, contains a set of three consistent behaviors which when practiced by all associates daily they can assist the company to generate a culture of inclusion and deliver business results.

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Servant Leadership Principles or Values that are Explicitly or Implicitly Apparent in both the Mission and Vision Statements of Chick-fil-A

Servant leadership is a model that prioritizes serving others. Servant-leadership stresses increased service to others, power-sharing in decision-making, and promoting community sense. Servant leadership values include building community, stewardship, commitments to people’s growth, conceptualization, foresight, listening, persuasion, empathy, awareness, and healing (Focht & Ponton, 2015). Although Chick-fil-A does not demonstrate all of servant leadership traits, it possesses a number of them that include building community by ensuring healthy feeding, and positive impact to all it encounters. It is also committed to people’s general growth not just in their career but also in families, and spiritually. The company ensures all workers can be with their families and can worship freely every Sunday. The company demonstrates awareness of people’s food, spiritual and personal cares needs, and adheres to them. The company also demonstrates stewardship, and conceptualization in ensuring the accomplishment of its mission and visions, especially in attracting and maintaining customers and ensuring positive influence in all its contacts (Gandolfi & Stone, 2018).

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The Principles or Values Expressed in Both the Vision and Mission Statements Manifested in Each Organization’s Public Reputation, Marketing Tactics, Treatment of its Employees

Chick-fil-A’s mission statements express high-quality products and services values and continuous improvement to be able to earn the title of the best American fast food company, to win and maintain customers. Its commitment to value all the God has given it, and to ensure positive influence to all its contact ensure the company treats its customers, employees, suppliers, and creditors with respect and honor. The company minds about others and always acts for the improved welfare of its contacts. This includes the community in general. The company has a reputation of care and fear of God in operations. Walmart’s mission and vision statements value money savings in all forms of shopping. This gives the organization the reputation of affordability. Its marketing tactics involve price control to ensure products affordability. This is what gives the company a higher competitive advantage in the market. The company is known for improving people life quality by saving their money and increasing their purchase power.

Is Each Organization Living Out the Principles or Values Expressed in Both their Vision and Mission Statements

Chick-fil-A is living the principles expressed in both its mission and vision statements. The company offers healthy food and quality chicken sandwiches, and high-quality customer service. These play a great role in maintaining existing customers and attracting new customers, especially through referral. The company vision influences its culture which ensures all its stakeholders are treated with care, respect, and honor. The company also ensures it acts with integrity in its operations and while serving its customers. This ensures that it eventually ensure positive impacts to all its contacts including the community. Walmart on the other hand is known as the most affordable retail store. It offers products at a cheaper price compared to its competitors in all its stores across the globe. This demonstrates that the company lives its mission and vision statement principles of saving people’s money to better their lives.

Revisions that Would Need to be Made to Both the Vision and Mission Statements of the Organization Practicing a Standard Leadership Model to Adopt a Servant Leadership Model

Walmart is an organization based on a standard leadership model. To convert it to a servant leadership model, the organization needs to embrace some of the values of servant leadership. This includes prioritizing serving others in the organization’s operations before serving personal interests. The organization should focus on listening to its stakeholders and adjusting its operations to fit their needs and desires. It should stop focusing only on customers but all its stakeholders. It should also invest in caring for the surrounding community and catering to its welfare. The model should change to ensure that the organization meets its ultimate goals through serving others. The company should also strategize to offer goods and services to solve customers’ problems and curb future problems likely to occur in its retail business. It should also invest more in promoting workers’ welfare and ensuring their job satisfaction by attending to their unattended needs. Serving others should be at the center of the new leadership model (Gandolfi & Stone, 2018).

How both the Vision and Mission Statements of an Organization can or Should Guide How an Organization Treats its Employees and Clients

The organization’s mission and vision statements should be well-written to guarantee that each strategic management process element is aligned to the long-term goals of the company. Clear mission and vision statements permit shareholders, suppliers, and customers to decide whether they want to work with the company or not. They are also clear on what the organization wishes to achieve, guiding the human resource management (HRM) department in the development of strategic HRM to guide in achieving these goals. What the company prioritizes in its mission and vision determine how strategic HRM operations will be structured. An organization that prioritizes effective performance by addressing the needs of all its stakeholders is likely to come up with strategies that will treat both employees and clients fairly and satisfactorily. However, an organization that only prioritizes profit-making may result in HRM strategies that focus more on profit-making at the cost of workers’ welfare (Jonyo, Ouma & Mosoti, 2018).

How a Christian Worldview Perspective can Informs Management Decisions or Practice in The Treatment of All Stakeholders

Christian worldview call for the organization to work to address the needs of others or to assist them in solving existing problems. The organization should thus create a balance in its operation to address the needs of all its stakeholders. To accomplish its financial objectives, an organization needs suppliers and employees who help in production or service delivery. These individuals must be treated right for an organization to deliver to its customers and shareholders. To operate an organization need to be established in a community. Lack of security may impact its operation, and its pollution may interfere with community life. Striking a balance and respecting all stakeholders equally is likely to give better results compared to when some of them are undermined.

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