Corporate Social Responsibility at Dell Technologies

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a situation where corporate acts in a manner that promotes society and its population and be held liable for any of its activities that impact people, their environment, and their communities. The Corporate social responsibility concept is founded on the responsibility root that implies “pledging back”, making an obligation to give back to the organization’s stakeholders and society. It means that harm caused by a corporation to society and people should be recognized and corrected where possible and that companies must work toward social improvement. Corporate social responsibility may demand a firm to forgo some profits in case its social effects hurt part of its stakeholders seriously or if its funds can be employed to have a positive social effect. Social responsibility is one of the business’s three main responsibilities, with others including legal and economic responsibilities. Business management is required to carry out all three responsibilities without overlooking any (Anne 1, p. 52).

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Dell Technologies Accountability to Itself, Its Stakeholders, and the Public

Dell Technologies is committed to delivering positive societal impact and business for all its stakeholders. The company is committed to embracing ethical and sustainable practices in all its activities. To the public, the company is accountable for its actions that impact the planet and environmental sustainability. Dell Technologies acknowledges its responsibility in safeguarding the planned and driving influence on urgent environmental problems. The company has embraced innovative people, partnerships, and innovative technology to reduce waste, take action on climate change, and champion the team that makes its products. The company has set a budget to aid in promoting the use of sustainable materials in its packaging and product development. This will benefits its customers who will get a chance to use recycled materials and also get a chance to return some of the spoilt or old electronic products to the company for recycling reducing electronic littering or buildup. The company is also working to increase materials and product life via repair, recycling, and reuse and by accepting one product back for each sold product. The company has been fighting to cut 50% of its greenhouse gas emission in the first and second tire by 2030 (Dell Technologies 2).

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 To the public, the company also shows accountability by giving back to society by funding education initiatives and people’s health. The company has taken a special interest in funding cancer centers. The company has a target of delivering education and health initiatives to about one billion individuals in the world, particularly those from underrepresented groups to resources and skills. This will ensure the company delivers the technology benefits to all. To its employees, Dell Technologies has employee resource groups that are highly important to drive engagement and connection among its workers, with about 47% participating in employee resource groups. The company also embraces a high level of equity among its workforce by ensuring an equal chance for women and other disadvantaged groups without discrimination (Dell Technologies 2).

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To itself, the company is accountable for embracing ethics while running its daily business and going past profit-making intentions to develop the society in its reach and take initiatives accordingly to contribute toward society’s welfare in the various segment by undertaking economically and socially useful programs for sustainable community development and the development of the society at large. To the company, considering societal needs allows it to develop a positive relationship with the surrounding communities reducing the risk of experiencing resistance and negative attitude from the community but experiencing their total support in their daily operations (Dell Technologies 3, p.4).

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Current Event or Activity in the Past 1-2 Years in Which Dell Technologies Went Above and Beyond to Demonstrate CSR

Dell Technologies is an American-based international company that has operations in various parts of the world. The company has been engaged in various corporate social responsibility activities, some of which are ongoing. Based on its recent CSR policies, the company is engaged in sponsoring learning among young people in India, and funding children’s cancer centers. The company puts its technology, expertise, and funding to work with the children’s cancer center area. The company ensures patient access to treatment, workers’ engagements, and strategic IT solutions (Dell Technologies 3, p.5). The company also has an ongoing Corporate social responsibility program related to environmental conservation.

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The company is committed to generating eco-friendly products or engaging in individual eco-friendly initiatives. Some of these initiatives include using 100% renewable or recyclable packaging materials and in each of the products bought by the customer an equivalent product is recycled. The company has set a budget of 396.5 million pounds to ensure sustainable materials in its packaging and products a project that has been in place and is anticipated to be fully implemented by 2030. The company has also been working across its whole value chain to lower emissions across all areas of operations, with intention of attaining net zero emission by 2050 (Dell Technologies 2).

One of the company’s many initiatives includes planting trees where it achieved a target of planting one million trees by 2020 and still counting. The company has managed to restore a land of 2000 acres by planting trees which lowers its carbon footprint. The company is also currently taking unwanted computers, ink cartridges, and game consoles among other related electronics, and recycling some of their useful part in the development of new products. This help in reducing carbon emission incurred in the production of most reused parts. This helps in reducing carbon emissions significantly, with the company hoping for 50% reuse of these parts in each product by 2030. This is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions in the first two tiers of the company by 50% (Dell Technologies 2).

Dell Technologies has highly invested in transforming lives initiatives in the past few years, some of which are still in the process. The company has invested 90 million dollars in enhancing the global initiative of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The company has also been offering digital inclusion programs by partnering with private and non-profit organizations, governments, and schools to develop an ecosystem obliged to offer equitable access to the resources, skills, and tools required to create opportunities and drive change for underserved communities across the globe. The company has also played a great role in enhancing digital literacy. Dell technologies have also established solar community hubs that assist in enhancing the lives of Amazon people.

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This has helped in generating a more sustainable association between the rainforest and those who live there (Dell Technologies 2).  Dell Technologies is also sponsoring the Digital LifeCare program in India where inclusive technology solutions are employed to support the Indian government program for managing and screening non-communicable diseases. Generally, the company has invested greatly in Corporate social responsibility and has several ongoing programs to be able to reach its maximum potential in CSR initiatives in promoting life and ensuring environmental sustainability (Dell Technologies 2). The findings make me change how I would support the company in the future. I was not aware initially of the company’s advancement in ensuring Corporate social responsibility , its engagements are impressive and hence the approach to supporting the company’s CSR activities in the future has changed to bigger and more impactful approaches and suggestions.

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