Creative Problem Solving, Leadership, and Employee Motivation

Assignment Instructions

You are the director of an organization and you are tasked with training your management team on creative problem solving, leadership, and employee motivation.

Create three bullet-point handouts to distribute during your training session. The handouts must address the following topics:

Note. Each handout must contain at least five main points or topics and must not be more than one page in length. There are no stipulations on how to format the handouts. Be creative with fonts, styles, and formatting. If you include images, keep the images small to limit the size of your document. Cite your images and references according to APA standards. Submit your handouts as one Microsoft® Word attachment.

Sample Answer

Employee motivation: Identify ways to generate motivation during times of organizational change.

Facilitating the learning of employees can help motivate them especially where the company focuses on the development of various areas in the employees life like compassion, integrity and emotional maturity so that the employees feel as part of the organizational change taking place. Training cannot motivate the employees as such without improving on their learning processes.  As such, employees feel as part of the process taking place and thus are highly motivate in ensuring that the process succeeds. Overall productivity is thus increased and the transition in the organization is smooth without any obstructions.

Aligning the goals of the employees with those of the business helps increase motivation among the employees in the company. Defining goals in terms of creating a unified environment in terms of relationships with employees helps greatly to motivate the workers. Employees who have an understanding of the company’s goals easily help in carrying out the goals of the business (Cummings and Worley, 2014). As such, the business does not only focus on its business interests but also includes the workers interests. This motivates the workers and gives them a sense of belonging to the company and to worker harder towards meeting the objectives of the company.

Transparency during organizational change helps in ensuring that the doubts workers have towards the changes are extinguished. Setting meeting and explaining various issues involving the change with the workers and answering their questions further removes doubts and motivates the employees and builds their morale. As such more employs may accept the changes and further be confident and highly motivated and even help in the change process by contributing new ideas that may greatly help in the organization’s change process.

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