Is it Possible to Think Without Using Language?

There is a possibility of thinking without using language. Language is a way of generating meaningful linguistic utterances and extracting meaning from linguistic utterances when conversing with others. Language is used to express thoughts, however, thought is independent of language. Language is not necessary for thoughts to manifest. This can be demonstrated by the fact that animals experience a rich mental life that entails thoughts of different forms though no natural language.

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According to Asoulin (2016), literature on experimental zoology and experimental psychology show that insects and birds, species that humans shared an ancestor last many hundred million years ago, make multifaceted calculations to learn the time of the day certain events that include daily feedings take place, they learn the estimated duration of such occurrences and can compute internals between them. Additionally, they can evaluate rate and number, and they can generate a cognitive map of their surroundings to calculate their present location by integrating their velocity based on time. Complex thought processes vary across the animal world from higher primates that contain various impressive cognitive abilities to bees that navigate by calculating the local solar ephemeris (Asoulin, 2016).

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This indicates that language is not needed to think. The primary way that a person may enact so-called languageless thinking is by using sensory organs. For instance, seeing things can easily help one relate events and conclude without using any language. Touching things create mental processing that does not require a language. Also smelling and tasting things. Mental processes take place from what is recorded by sensory organs and even without a language one gets to process thoughts.

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Moreover, the human brain is divided into different parts with a unique function. Some regions play roles in representing the internal states of others including feelings, preferences, and thoughts. The right temporoparietal junction region of the brain is said to be situated in the non-language dominant hemisphere which is a proposition that the language system is possibly not critical for the theory of mind reasoning (Fedorenko & Varley, 2017). Fedorenko and Varley’s (2017) analysis also shows music and arithmetic processing in brains is highly independent of language. 

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