US National Installation And Infrastructure As Ranked By Stephen E Flynn On Level Of Security And Vulnerability


            Stephen E. Flynn have ranked key national installation and infrastructure based on the level of security and gave various recommendation that helps the federal government to ensure these installations and infrastructure are save. These key infrastructures and installation are: Port security, nuclear plant security, air defense, airport security, border control and immigration, chemical plant security, disaster response, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure as well as public relations(Kaplan, 2006). These facilities provides important services to the American Citizens and are likely to be targeted to be by terrorist groups with the intention of causing harm and panic. It is important note that these facilities are normally protected by the federal government through national Security Council.

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Port Security

            According to Flynn’s assessment port security scored D+ which an improvement from previous score of F three years after 9/11. Although the score reflects the improvement, it is still very low and means that port security is very vulnerable and susceptible to terrorist attack. Despite the explanation that the Security Council has put in place strategies and measure to reduce vulnerability, the implementation process take long time to be completed(Irasema,et al., 2015). From my personal perspective, I do not agree with Flynn’s assessment because it means that port security should have attracted more deadly attacks than any infrastructure in the United States.

Nuclear plant security

            This is the installation and infrastructure that Flynn ranked highly among all other infrastructures United States of America. The nuclear facilities are highly protected for obvious reasons that in case of any attack many people will affected and the country will spend a lot of resource to deal with nuclear materials(Farnocchia, et al., 2012). I agree with Flynn’s assessment the nuclear infrastructure because the disasters associated with nuclear accidents are very devastating and requires a lot finances ensure the area is safe for human habitation.

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Air defense

After 9/11 attack, NORAD which is responsible for securing air space of the United States, received a lot of criticism. NORAD acknowledged that it is difficult to monitor plane flying below 1,500 feet in big cities. This means that there is still high vulnerability in the United States air space and more strategies needs to be implemented in order to ensure that there is complete protection(Fekete, et al., 2010). Based on Flynn’s assessment it is true that Jumbo jet fuel can be turn into missile by the terrorist group who are home grown. I therefore agree with Flynn’s recommendations.

Airport security

            Many airports in the United States of America have improved security greatly by screening baggage and passengers going onboard. However, the luggage going underbody of the plane still requires a lot of scrutiny and security checks. Therefore, I agree with recommendation of Flynn that air cargo requires a lot of improvement in terms of tool, equipment and resources used to screen them.

Border control and immigration

            The border control and immigration has been a hot for many presidential candidates that seek office, thus attracting more attention from the media. The increasing number refugees in the world coming from Middle East and Africa as well as immigrants from Mexico, makes American border more vulnerable(Fekete, et al., 2010). I would not agree with Flynn’s recommendation because more scrutiny and vetting should be conducted thoroughly. The federal government has done a lot in the foreign policy but there is still a lot of gaps to deal with concerning security.

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Chemical plant security

            This is the installation that scored poorly among all the infrastructures and requires a lot of improvement. After 9/11 attacks, legislator passed appropriators bill which gave the homeland security to evaluate these facilities. Generally, more improvements needs to be put in place in order to improve security.

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