Wireless and Mobile Technologies In Amazon and Delta Airlines

Amazon Company Overview

The Amazon,com,  Inc. has been providing Amazon Web Services (AWS) IT infrastructure services to different businesses in the form of web services –commonly known as cloud computing as from 2006. The cloud computing offers opportunity to replace the up-front capital infrastructure expenses which have low variable costs that scales with different forms of businesses. With the cloud, there is no need for the businesses to plan and procure IT infrastructure and servers in advance, but rather, instantly spin up hundreds of servers in minutes and quickly deliver results (Stone, 2013). The Amazon Web Services offers a highly scalable, low-cost, and reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud that drives several businesses in different countries across the globe.

Mobile technologies

Mobile technology is the evolution in technology that the cellular phones use to transmit information from one part to the other. These technological advancements in the portable, handheld communications involve connection to a wireless network that enables users to send texts, make calls and run applications.

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Wireless technologies

These are technologies such as cell phones, which uses radio waves to receive and transmit data. They entail devices which transmit data over air, but not over the wires and includes cellular communications, wireless computer accessories, and networking between computers with wireless adapters. The wireless communications are transmitted over the air via a system of electromagnetic waves, for instance, radio frequencies, satellite, and infrared.

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How organizations use mobile and wireless technologies

Organizations and companies have found it worthwhile to adopt and utilize the advancements in mobile and wireless technologies in order to improve the business efficiency in a number of ways:

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Communication / Networking

Companies have achieved exceptional level of connectivity between its vendors, customers and employees through mobile technologies. Workers download apps on their mobile devices, which allow them a connection with others via social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or the organization can use web-based, or native applications to enable it undertake a direct communication with all its audiences in a number of ways (Smyth& Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2014).

These technologies facilitate real-time communication within and without the office premises which is an important aspect in delivering business benefits, for instance, improved customer service, efficient utilization of staff time, and delivery a greater range of services and products.


Mobile technology has an interactive nature which ensures that sharing of information via this medium enables businesses to immediately get feedback on services and products from customers. This accessibility and speed have resulted in faster research and development for companies –an element which makes the organization stay ahead of the competition.  Moreover, a part from making the product upgrades to move at a faster rate, clients and customers feel as if they hold a more direct role in the development of the organization.


Mobile and wireless technologies have led to introduction of a new dimension into marketing and advertising for companies and organizations worldwide. The companies’ potential customers can now see the business ads on mobile devices through a huge range of mobile marketing technologies, for instance, mobile websites, SMS messaging, banner ads, IVR messaging and mobile applications.

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There is room for customizing the ads in order to reach the target audienceSmyth & Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2014). As potential customers have access to a mobile device handy, customization has made marketing effective in all absolute terms since there is increased exposure to advertisements.

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Delta’s Mobile and Wireless Technologies

E-Ventures, E-Commerce, and E-nablers

The Delta Airlines have implemented mobile and wireless technologies in the aspects of E-ventures, E-commerce, and E-nablers. These have offered a platform in which online communication has been pegged with regards to the organization’s undertakings in investment initiatives, facilitation of organization’s business processes and undertaking an internet based transactions of its business deals (Brown, 2011).

The efficiency of implementing these technologies within the Delta Airlines scalability has not met the immediate goals of the entire business undertaking. The E-commerce, E-ventures and E-nablers didn’t show a straight away influence on the operations of the airline. The company remained highly vulnerable than most of the carriers with the Delta’s stock remaining sluggish.

How Amazon Implements Organizational systems, mobile and wireless technologies

Amazon has implemented its organizational systems, mobile and wireless technologies and shown how the applications can be adapted for the use in various situations and environments. They have given a comprehensive explanation on the application and functions of various mobile devices for communications, performance management and training (Geis & Geis, 2011). The company has used its field-proven and innovative guidelines to: develop performance systems and growth focused learning; move from telling and teaching to accepting input and giving room for experimentation; and undertake an adaptation to the locations and schedules of a mobile workforce. The efficiency of implementation of the company’s mobile and wireless technologies has been unprecedented since process gives an in-depth comparisons of crucial information, and new technologies on creating content and media for the new mobile devices (Rainer, 2009)).

I think Amazon.com, Inc. has unveiled an exceptional strategic use of the mobile and wireless technologies within its business operations. The recent advancement in the company’s database management and networking has resulted in highly improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies.

The operational and enterprise systems that support wireless and mobile technologies in Amazon

Supply Chain Management

Amazon has digitalized its Supply Chain and Transportation management to meet a fast paced, innovative and a system of achieving long-term objectives. The company has established an online coordination to facilitate growth and expansion of the transportation teams into both emerging markets and a chance to create a lasting footprint (Geis & Geis, 2011). The entire supply chain, therefore, cover the Amazon’s inventory and any other thing that moves through their fulfillment centers. The supply chain managers ensure network optimization and product compliance.

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The operational and enterprise systems that support wireless and mobile technologies in Delta Airlines

Enterprise Resource Planning

The Delta Airlines’ system of enterprise resource planning integrates a wide range of software applications in the similar manner the organization integrates its business processes like finance, inventory management, human resources, and purchases (Brown, 2011). Just like any other company within the aviation industry, the corporation has realized that it should undertake installation of third-party spare parts management software in order to fill the functional gaps in its ERP. The company added a Xelus Inc. maintenance management application within its ERP program to help in reducing the size of the spare parts inventories of the airline and make sure that parts are available at different airports when need be.

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