Wisdom in Nursing Informatics Vs Professional Nursing Judgment

Wisdom versus Judgment

Wisdom in nursing informatics is referred to as the application of knowledge, creativity, intelligence, and experience, arbitrated by values, toward the attainment of a common good. However, in some cases, wisdom in nursing is normally associated or founded on thinking-in-action and clinical judgment approach encircling senses, emotions, and intuition (American Nurses Association, 2008). Judgment on the other hard is the process in which the nurse makes decision on the data to be gathered regarding a patient, makes data interpretation, and obtain a nursing diagnosis, and finds suitable nursing action. Judgment involves critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving.

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The main difference between wisdom and judgment in nursing is that wisdom involves the application of the knowledge, intelligence and experience to attain normal goals which are commonly enhancement of care among the patient. This means that wisdom is employed to enable the application of the known approaches to solving a problem. Judgment on the contrary focuses on the employment of knowledge to resolve newly identified problems (Matney et al., 2016). It involves not the application of knowledge by apply common steps to resolve a problem but the application of past knowledge to try and resolve a new problem through data collection, analysis and establishment of a solution or the best solution to the identified problem. The main similarity between wisdom and judgment in nursing is that they both require the application of knowledge, and experience to attain a certain nursing goal. However, while wisdom focuses on obtaining the right solution for known problems, judgment involves the establishment of the best solution for a new problem or a new solution to the existing problem (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015).

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