Marketing Audit For A Health Care System

CONFIDENTIAL: Marketing Audit Results And Recommendations.

Organization overview

The Colorado Health Care Association and Center for Assisted Living (CHCA/CCAL) has served as a spokesman for the long term care community together with the frail disabled and the elderly they serve since its founding in 1955. The Colorado health Care Association & Center for Assisted Living has represented about 90% of the state’s skilled nursing communities alongside a number of assisted living residences.The organizations and providers which provide services and products to the long term care community join the association as associate members and partners in quality care.

Market and market segments

The Colorado Health Care Association and Center for Assisted Living has scaled a greater niche in the health care practice of the Colorado state among other health care facilities in the state. The CHCA has scaled a market segment in which it oversees and spearhead the health care reform advisory practice, business development and practice strategy, key client management among other key elementary components of the health care industry(Jonas, Goldsteen, Goldsteen, & Jonas, 2013). The business apprehends exclusive sales, marketing and business development by forging a fore front coverage in the state’s health care matters through responsible management of the financial performance and growth of all the market segments –group, individual and government programs –of the $3.5 billion health care delivery and financing system.

The association has been in the leading end towards underwriting and the actuarial services for the Preferred Health Systems among other organizations spanning regulatory, managed care sectors and indemnity in the health care financing industry(Jonas, 2003).

The association considers receiving preventive care to be key towards maintain good health, that why they have incorporated that into their benefits plans as a standard component. The CHCA serves every market segment which includes individuals, Medicaid, Medicare, employees in the Colorado state.


The health care industry in the Colorado state experience a stiff competition from a number of source as the different parties strive to provide affordable and equitable health care services to the residents. the advancement in technology has hugely posed a competitive stance in the healthcare industry as the emergence of new technology advances the process of healthcare provision across the industry and thus every healthcare facility is at the verge of adopting the technological advancements as they emerge every time.

Among the major facilities posing competition to the CHCA is the Rocky Mountain Health Plans which is an independent, not for profit health insurance provider which has rendered services to the health care needs of the Coloradans for over 35 years. The facility ensures provision of access to affordable and quality health care there ensure long living of its members and healthier lives.

Products and services

The CHCA facility has ensured provision of psychological and physical needs of the long-term care residents in a more cost-effective manner and resident centered manner. CHCA/CCLA provides a platform on which development and implementation of the designed social care plans and resident assessments are outlined. Furthermore, it provides information to the families/ Resident as to Medicaid/Medicare among other financial assistance programs which are made available to the residents. The organization also ensures that there information provision in relation to residents’ rights and living wills.

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