Parkinson Disease – Annotated Bibliography

Balestrino, R., & Schapira, A. H. V. (2020). Parkinson disease. European Journal of Neurology, 27, 27-42.

This article offers a general and comprehensive analysis of Parkinson’s disease, focusing more on the disease prevalence in Europe. The article discusses the disease epidemiology and risk factors in Europe, where the older population of older than 60 years is said to be more prevalent. The article also discusses the disease pathophysiology, disease mechanisms, and genetics, clinical features disease diagnosis and differential diagnosis, disease treatment, and future treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The article gives all the basic and comprehensive knowledge that the reader would require to understand the disease. The article can be used to inform the researcher on all basic information about the disease to advance the reader’s knowledge of the technical aspect of the disease including epidemiology and pathophysiology.

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Esmail, S. (2018). The diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease. Scholar Journal of Applied Sciences and Research, 1(9), 13-19.

The article aims at offering an overview and, update information on the management and diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. According to the author, the Parkinson’s disease diagnosis is clinically made and the management is presently limited to symptomatic treatments. The author identified levodopa as the main pharmacological therapy for Parkinson’s disease.  The author also highlights the clinical mimics of Parkinson’s disease that may create confusion in the disease diagnosis and measures that the physician should take to avoid misdiagnosis. This article gives an in-depth discussion of Parkinson’s diagnosis and management promoting readers’ understanding of the same. The article can be used by researchers to supplement their knowledge on how to make an accurate diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Sveinbjornsdottir, S. (2016). The clinical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Journal of Neurochemistry, 139(Suppl. 1), 318-324.

The article gives a general view of Parkinson’s disease focusing more on its clinical features. The author starts by defining Parkinson’s disease, giving an overview of the most affected population in society. The author also discusses both non-motor and motor clinical features of the disease in the disease progression context. This gives a clear understanding of how the disease is manifested and its general impact on the body. The article also discusses the main Parkinson’s disease treatment strategies and their complications. This article gives a deeper understanding of Parkinson’s disease, enabling the reader to get a deeper understanding of the disease. The article can be used to inform the researcher more on the motor and non-motor Parkinson’s disease symptoms and complications that the patient is likely to experience after adopting different forms of treatment.

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