Creating Your Dream Job Its Compensation Plan and Appraisal Performance

Creating Your Dream Job

Job Description and Specification for my Dream Job

My dream job is being computer system developer. This is a job that is involved in the development of computer application and system software that assist in enhancing operations in different departments of organization and also in enhancing effective functionality of the computer system. The main roles of system developer include:

  • Understanding and analyzing user requirements
  • Researching and designing software systems
  • Writing codes to implement the designed software system
  • Testing and debugging new and existing programs
  • Updating and reevaluating the existing software to enhance their performance
  • Developing technical specifications for the existing codes and also their test plan
  • Hardware programming and development of systems for job scheduling in the computer hardware

The job requires a number of qualification which include a degree or diploma qualification in computer science, software engineering, information system, or system development. One should have specialization in one or more programming languages to be able to do the job. Other qualifications include mathematics, physics, and electronics. To qualify for this position, one must demonstrate skills in:

  • Computer technologies and systems knowledge, technical competency,
  • Aptitude to communicate with management, colleagues, and clients and to concisely and clearly explain the complex issues
  • Creative, analytical, and logical approach to issues
  • Attention and thoroughness to detail
  • Commercial awareness and business skills
  • Ability to learn novel technologies and skills swiftly
  • Awareness to current problems impacting businesses and technologies

With this knowledge and skills, one can be employed in computer software development companies, and other organizations that need various form of application software to run their systems.

Compensation and Benefit Package

Compensation plan highly depend on the form of employment; whether contractual or permanent job. In this case, I will consider permanent form of employment. The job will therefore need defined basic compensation, and various allowances as defined by the American compensation law. The hourly earnings of a system developer range from $42.73 to $64.10.  They work for an average of eight hours per day and thus, the yearly salary ranges from $89,220 to $133841. This salary is defined after an intensive survey on system developers’ compensation in the country and international companies that employ competitive developers. This implies that the defined compensation is highly competitive to ensure that high workers retention rate. With competitive salaries, the organization will be able to attract more skilled developers and also be able to maintain them thus enhancing its general performance. This will facilitate its future competitive advantage in the market and success (Hufnagel, 1987).

System developers may also be required to work overtime to meet strict deadline based on the customers demand or company’s requirements. In this case, I will need overtime payment. In this case the overtime payment will be 1.2% of the normal hourly rate. This will be basically done to motive system developers to employ more effort and to use their own time for the company’s benefits. Apart from the normal basic salary and overtime compensation, system developers will also be provided with a number of benefits just like all other workers. Benefits in this case will focus on motivating system developers to be committed to the company and retain them. These benefits will include medical benefits such as the joint workers medical insurance benefits paid by the employers, 401(k) retirement benefits, and paid holidays. The system developers will be provided with paid sick leaves not exceeding 15 days per year, paid three months maternity leaves for women, and paid annual holidays of about 30 working days. These holidays will be supplemented with a holiday package which will be provided by the company to enrich the developers holiday. This will also be employed as a way of increases employees’ retention rate and also as a way of attracting more employees in the company.  Beside this system developers will also be provided with bonuses for completion of urgent jobs before the set deadline and also for completion of more complex jobs within the deadline. More bonuses will be provided for positive feedbacks, referrals, and for high customers’ maintenance. This will focus on encouraging system developers to develop reliable and quality systems which will be highly appreciated by the customers. It will also encourage them to do so within the provided time frame to ensure company’s reliability.

Beside this, the organization should focus on employee development. In this regard, it will provide training to its employees regarding changing programming technique and industrial technology. It will also encourage system developers to develop their career exponentially by providing them with paid study leaves, full and half paid scholarships. However, these scholarships will be provided based on individual performance. System developers with two years great performance record will be provided with paid study leave. Those with more than five years will be provided with partially paid scholarship, while those with over seven years of great performance will be provided with a full scholarship. Those sponsored to study will be required to work in the company for at least five years they consider transferring to another company. Individuals will also be promoted based on their general performance and education advancement where salary and benefits will be added based on individual level of operation (Hufnagel, 1987).

Rationalization of the Compensation and Benefit Package

The compensation plan is highly based on intensive survey in the United State market.  Different scales show that system developers in various parts of the country have under graduate entry level and they are provided with a starting salary of $58000 to $68000. At this time they do not need to have any experience. This salary increases with increase in the level of experience based on years. This rises to a total of $91326 to $140000 when an individual experience grows to past 20 years. Thus the current salary range is highly competitive and can easily increase the company’s retention rate and its attraction to more skilled system developers from any part of the world. The compensation plan also considered all possible benefits that an employee can be provided to be motivated. These benefits will be used to motivate the employees to work harder and employ all their ability into enhancing the organization success. In addition they will foster individual professional growth and thus, providing the employees a chance to advance and change their life in the future.

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